Fiber Internet

Fiber delivers the fastest Internet speeds available!


Enjoy surfing the web, streaming videos, or playing online games?

Fiber makes working and playing easier than ever with more consistent high speeds. Our fiber lines go straight to your home, so your browsing is as fast as possible.

  • Fire up multiple devices at once without losing speed.
  • Share your monthly service across multiple computers at no extra charge (requires a router). Routers are available through Sand Creek Communications.
  • Access your webmail when traveling and browsing from other Internet Service Providers.
Level 1
Up to 100 Mbps Down/Up High Speed Internet
Level 2
Up to 250 Mbps Down/Up High Speed Internet
Level 3
Up to 750 Mbps Down/Up High Speed Internet


* Installation and other fees may apply. Residential pricing only; please call for Business pricing.

Router required for wireless service.


TP Link Router is available for purchase from Sand Creek Communications.

TP Link Router
A router is required for wireless service.